Moving back to PC

July 1, 2023

When the work is done mostly on laptops, and gaming - on consoles, it's been easy to forget about PC for a while.

With convenience and portability, there was really no need for having this huge pile of complex parts in my apartment - until now.

After all, a laptop is a laptop, and when 3D gamedev and modeling started to settling in my life for real, I realized even the most powerful of those laptops are not working that well for me (mostly because of heating problems).

Eventually, a new PC has been built - my first own built ever. During this time, it was very fun to explore various Youtube resources with instructions about building process. It's amazing how friendly is all this nowadays in comparison to some 5-7 years ago. The creators on Youtube showing every step in details, often even for the particular hardware I've decided to choose for the build.

And while overpriced graphics cards casted a shadow on overall experience, building own computer has been great, and having such a powerful device at my disposal feels amazing.

But unexpected bonus came much later, when I started using the PC not only for game development, but also for other personal tasks.

You see, when I was a kid, waking up and turning on the computer was a second nature. The sound of coolers starting meant a new day has began, and there was something very familiar in using the same long forgotten pattern again more than a decade later.