Unstoppable progress

July 8, 2023

I still remember school and university years – no smartphone and definitely no internet on the go. Even book reader like Kindle was something that just didn't exist in my life.

Remembering this makes me appreciate all things I have right now. Want to read a new book? Here it is, just a couple clicks away on Amazon. Want to talk to someone? Need to find some information? It's all in your pocket, instantly. Want to keep yourself organized but can't stand handwriting and carrying heavy notebooks? No worries, there's an app for that.

And, of course, the music. It became so normalized to just listen to it – always! Because not only the phone has this library of pretty much every single song on Earth, but also headphones became so convenient you can literally wear them all day if you want to. Light, wireless, they'll even make the outside world quiet when you're listening to your music. Or podcast. Or audiobook.

Isn't it amazing?

We have so much around us nowadays, it becomes a question of selecting what to consume instead of what to avoid.

Meanwhile, Vision Pro is around the corner, with a completely new way for experiencing various kinds of content, such as movies, games and so on. It will not be just an audio that could be muted now, but pretty much the whole world.

I absolutely love this abundance, but at the same time, I'm not sure how much more changes will be handled on a global scale. Will people still be even talking to each other about anything except work, I wonder?