About my eye surgery

July 8, 2023


Eyesight: need to wear glasses always, literally couldn't even use the phone without them.

Time wearing glasses constantly: about 20 years.

Time of the surgery: autumn 2022.


This was the hardest part: the decision was supposed to have an impact on almost all areas of my life. I also didn't want to take a break from work for too long.

But eventually, glasses became so expensive and uncomfortable to wear, plus didn't even correct the problem completely, I decided to do the surgery.

Surgery preparation

Because the thoughts about the surgery has been in my head for several years, I've done some research in a background and didn't need much preparations.

At clinic, my eyes were first checked by optometrist, and then by surgeon himself. There were a lot of devices involved in check. I also had previous eye surgery (unrelated to correction) which was taken into consideration and was not an obstacle for this one.

The advice from clinic was to invite someone to bring me back home after surgery, because the vision will be blurry. This is indeed a good idea.

Surgery process

The whole process took about 2 hours, while the surgery itself took about 15 minutes. The clinic stuff provided me with all the instructions, and everything went smoothly.

Before the surgery, I didn't watch any graphic videos from Youtube about the surgery process – I've decided it's better to keep calm and leave the rest to doctor.

The procedure is made under some anesthesia eye drops, and there was only slight discomfort at latest steps of it, but nothing significant.

After the surgery, doctor put the protective lenses to my eyes, then checked everything about 1.5 hours later. I was given the protective shades glasses and went home.


It was very important to keep away bright lights (even traffic lights in dark caused some discomfort), but I could somehow use the phone on lower brightness, although everything was super blurry.

The blurriness got better in about one week, and after couple weeks it got good enough to work comfortably.

In the following month or so, the vision was a little unstable, but nothing that would disrupt my lifestyle. In two months I was driving safely.


  • It was a surprise to see everything so big. My glasses were strong, and I had no idea they reduced the size of everything so much.
  • I used to be tired much more often when wearing glasses. I had no idea it was because of glasses, and not the amount of time in front of the screen.
  • The vision field increased a lot. While in glasses, I used to look only at one point in front of me, but now I can actually look on different sides without moving the head. Isn't it amazing?

The quality of my life improved significantly, the surgery was definitely a very good investment of money and efforts.