Advice from friends about yearly goals

July 9, 2023

I have good friends - a couple of hard-working people with whom we enjoy discussing life and sharing news.

Couple years ago they shared one of their annual routines, which, with all its simplicity, does the job nicely.

The routine is related to goal-setting and reviewing in the beginning and the end of the year.

"We have a paper notebook where in the beginning of each year we're writing what we want to achieve this year. Somehow, at the end of the year almost everything from the list is done".

After using this advice for several years, I can agree: somehow, written words have power. Writing on a computer is probably fine too, but there is something special about having a dedicated object, such as a notebook, and about writing by hand, which is much more demanding that typing.

A new year is still far away, so there's time to prepare and think if you also decide to try this strategy out.