Berlin notes 2024. Part II - Live

April 7, 2024

There was a problem: due to some health matters, I can’t stand on one place for a very long time. Walking is much easier, but after walking the whole day, my legs were rather tired. If not for super-comfortable asics shoes, I would not make it through the day so good for sure.
Because of this restriction, I usually plan my routes the way there is always a place to sit down and have some rest after a while. This created complications with places such as live venues where I haven’t been before.

I moved on with caution, but yet again, Berlin exceeded my expectations.
Imagine you met a huge muscular person with very scary look who happened to like kittens and bake banana bread as a hobby, and overall is a very nice dude? This is how I felt about the venue.
Scary at first, but probably the friendliest one I’ve ever been at. There was even place for my winter jacket, which was very convenient.
Inside, the stuff and the audience, everyone were very polite, no one caused any problems to others and people were just enjoying the music. Even better, opposite to the bar stand there was a bench where some people were sitting while waiting for the headliners.

There were two bands before them, and even though I arrived a little later, it still took some time for them to complete their setlist. I used this time to have some rest after a long walk while listening to new music.

Some people prefer going to the front rows on live shows. I did that couple times long ago, but nowadays enjoy staying far away much more: this way, I can see all the scene, the sound is usually fine, and there is a little more space between people, which feels just right.

From the headliner band, I honestly didn’t know what to expect. Despite listening them for over a decade, I’ve never been on their live shows. It was somehow unreal to see the very people who made all the music which has been a soundtrack for the significant part of my life.

The intro was indeed surprising – I didn’t expect such style contrast.
It fit nicely with the setlist, which was was a mixture of new and old songs. Live sound was so good I ended up listening most with my eyes closed to hear better and just swaying and chilling at back rows. Somehow, the mood at the venue was comforting and warm.

Later, I wish I made more videos, but the only ones I made were from very beginning – I wanted to listen carefully rather than being focused on the phone, so after several first songs I don’t ever remember turning on the camera.

I’m glad I went, after all.

After the concert, there was a short travel by bus back to a hotel. I took the seat on the second floor of the bus for the first time, and continued the peaceful journey.