Berlin notes 2024. Part III - Departure

April 7, 2024

Another unexpected yet important part about the whole travel has been the aftertaste from the live show. Somehow, this time the mood was very good, and I felt peaceful and calm afterwards. After having a very good sleep for the first time in a while, I started the day. There was not that much time before the flight back.

Luckily, I didn’t have to spend any time looking for cafes: the day before, I made some strategic purchases at the grocery store, so dinner, breakfast and even flight snack were covered. Berlin’s stores have some very interesting bread: rye, with lots of sunflower seeds. Despite being thin, each slice is very nutritious, so even small piece feels like a little meal.

The way back went well also, despite some delays with the plane. I didn’t have any additional flights or complex schedule depending on exact time, so the delay didn’t affect me. If anything, it allowed to record more videos of Berlin, because by noon the sun decided to show up.

This has probably been the most chill and relaxing travel when I had really good time at the suitable pace. It was only two days, but the charge of impressions and emotions has been very significant, and I’m glad I decided to not artificially stretch the journey: there was a clear goal, it was completed, and the sense of accomplishment has been a very important part of overall experience.

This has been most probably the only travel for me this year, and it’s been a good one.