Distorted patterns

April 29, 2024

The worst thing about growing up in disfunction is the fact a person can end up not noticing hurtful behaviour later in their life. This lays the perfect foundation for an abuse. This is so distorted even writing about it makes me sick.

Yet this is what is happening with many people all over the world. And the situations are usually so similar in their twisted nature. As if abusers all have the same script - they often even speak the same words, which is hilarious considering the variety of languages in the world.

I knew a person who grew up in such home. While others were busy building up their lives and investing in themselves, this person had to figure out a lot of things from a much lower levels, because building anything on a foundation as weak as they happened to have was not possible - no matter what they did, everything just collapsed at some point, again and again.

So, they had to go back and fix the essentials first, which had been a huge task, because not always it's even clear what those essentials are, and what exactly is wrong. Eventually, when they managed to fix at least something, a lot of time has passed already, a lot of opportunities missed and a lot of unnecessary hurt endured. Yet they're still here, which honestly makes me proud of them.

I hope they are getting better from now on.